Friday, January 10, 2014

27 weeks

At the end of this week I will be in the third trimester. What was that? Third trimester already? I cannot believe I have reached this milestone with baby number three!  When you already have two children to parent and need to pack up your home and move because your husband is changing careers time really does seem to fly.

Pregnancy: 27 weeks

Weight Gain: 16 pounds

Sleep: Some nights I sleep great, others not so much. I have to pay attention to what I eat in the evenings because certain foods trigger my pregnancy induced reflux. Chocolate seems to be the worst culprit (ahem--the chocolate peanut butter donut I ate the other night at nine after the kids went to sleep was not one of my best ideas.)
Gender: Its a girl!

Name: Naomi Grace

Feeling: Actually pretty good as long as I can prevent reflux at night.

Movement: Moving like crazy! She has hiccups all the time. Nicolaus loves to feel his baby sister move and especially likes to lay his head on my belly and have it pushed up and down by the movement. Carleigh isn't patient enough to wait, but she does talk to my belly and has already informed her sister she will share her hair bows and dress-up clothes

Belly: Definitely getting bigger!

Next Appointment:  Either the end of this month or in February. Since we moved I have to change providers...