Monday, February 17, 2014

So Much Going On

Our family has had quite a bit going on the last several months. As most of you know, a little more than halfway through his internship at Polyface this summer, John and I discovered we are expecting our third baby. Not the timing we had intended, but HE always has a plan. Shortly after receiving that good news, John was invited to manage one of Polyface's contract farms outside of Staunton, VA in the Shenandoah Valley. Additionally, he is now responsible for the school group tours of Polyface.

Immediately after Christmas we packed up and here we are at Briarmoore farm living in a 100+ years old farmhouse. Quite a change from our built-to-suit home in suburbia. I had planned on documenting more of our changes via this blog, but between packing, moving, unpacking, parenting, trying to homeschool and being pregnant on top of it...well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. Polyface also asked me to join their Henhouse blog and I am now the Polyface Chick featured on Sundays. I will try to link those posts up to this blog, but following the Henhouse is the best way to catch my ramblings there. Not to mention the fact that every "chick" has quite a different take on life as part of the Polyface family.

32 Weeks

Pregnancy: 32 weeks

Weight Gain: 18 pounds

Sleep: Most nights I sleep well, minus getting up to pee every couple of hours. Sometimes my reflux is bad even with the medication I'm taking so those nights I have to sleep practically sitting up.
Gender: Its a girl!

Name: Naomi Grace

Feeling: Actually pretty good except for feeling like I have to sit like a teenage boy slumped in my seat with legs spread wide. I swear this girl couldn't be any lower and I feel like I am squishing both of us when I sit normally or bend over.

Movement: She moves a lot and is developing sleep and wakeful patterns. Most of the time her arms and head are way down low in my belly and her feet get stuck up in my ribs. We are wondering if she will be he longest baby yet.

Belly: Big 

Next Appointment: at 34 Weeks. I'm very happy with the OB practice I decided on in our new town. They are supporting my decision to try for a VBA2C (Vaginal birth after two cesareans) as long as neither the baby nor I are compromised. I also met a Doula (or birthing coach) who successfully had a VBA2C a year ago). John and I are excited to have her help us in our birthing process.