Tuesday, December 14, 2010

She's 7 Months Old!

This month was has been a busy one with Carleigh's first Thanksgiving and visit with Santa! She is growing so fast!

* 17 lbs
* 2 teeth
* Still sleeping horribly but sleeps best on her tummy
* Eating stage 2 foods twice a day
* Can sit up unassisted for longer periods of time
* Does not like to sit still for very long
* Really trying to figure this crawling thing out
* Enjoys music and being tickled
* Loves to pull her brothers hair when he gives her kisses
* Can make more sounds including "ma-ma-ma"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town!

Santa already paid a visit to Winchester and we wouldn't have missed it for the world. I was not sure how the kids would react--Nicolaus met santa last year but certainly doesn't remember and Carleigh is such a Mommy's girl. Both kids ADORED him! Carleigh couldn't keep the big grin off her face and Nicolaus just talked up a storm. He also thought it was pretty neat he and Santa share the same name. Seeing their pure joy is a moment I will always treasure and one that makes me so happy to be their Mom.

Fall Getaway

Over a long weekend in November we met up with the Soza family for a Fall getaway (and to celebrate Nicolaus' second birthday. We stayed in a cabin at Westmoreland State Park while the Sozas stayed in their camper.

We could not have asked for better weather and were able to enjoy nearby Stratford Hall as well as get in some hiking. We were introduced to Geocaching which was great fun and a pastime we will surely try our hand at again. Tammy even found a shark's tooth at Fossil beach!

No we don't have a case of cabin fever, just good friends having a crazy good time!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Six Month Old Girl!

* 16 lbs and 25.5 inches
* Terrible sleeper both day and night
* Sits up briefly on her own
* Eating more of a variety of foods
* Delighted at the sound of her own voice
* Loves Roxy
* Knows how to get what she wants already
It really amazes me how close in age yet TOTALLY different my two kids can be!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birthday Boy

My Dearest Nicolaus,
Today you turned two years old and I cannot believe you are such a big boy already. You are so smart and funny, determined and outgoing, sensitive and caring. You really enjoy trucks, Thomas the Train, balls, singing, dancing, and reading stories. You love to give hugs and to snuggle with a blanket. You find a way to melt my heart every day. Nicolaus you are my joy and I hope you always know I love you.
* 30 lbs 1 oz and 34 inches

Monday, October 18, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Now with two kiddoes demanding ALL of our attention, John and I are finding it increasingly difficult to get our "to-do" lists accomplished. I fully intend to blog every day about all the wonderful things happening in the Pedersen family as our beautiful children grow and discover. Their big milestones are about all that I seem to be able to handle at the moment. So when I have a few moments I find myself playing catch up with my blogging.

In August we went to the Shenandoah County Fair and Nicolaus had his first ride on the carousel. Initially he was a bit nervous and held on to his Mommy tight, but after a few times around he loosened his death grip and enjoyed the ride on his "horsie." Next Summer I think he will be able to handle many more of the fair's amusements...though I am not sure I am happy about that!

A few weeks ago we visited Hill High Farm, a local pumpkin patch and apple orchard. It was a wonderful warm Fall day and Nicolaus really seemed to enjoy himself. Carleigh fell asleep in Mommy's arms for over an hour, but at this age I think that means she enjoyed herself too. Next year we will go for the hayride--at $6 a pop, we figure better to wait until at least Nicolaus might be able to remember it. John and I are both looking forward to pumpkin carving with him!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Are 5 Months Baby Girl!

You are 5 months old today my sweet Carleigh. You:

* Weigh 15 lbs
* Still have no teeth (though sometimes it feels like it)
* Have the sweetest smile
* Laugh with silly giggles
* Adore your big brother
* Are starting to enjoy playing with toys
* Roll from back to tummy to back to tummy again
* Don't let Mommy sleep
* Eat cereal two times a day
* Are happiest when Mommy holds you

Monday, October 11, 2010

23 Months!

* 27 lbs
* 16 teeth
* Having fun with pretend play
* Loves to play peekaboo with his sister and giving her hugs and kisses
* Still loves all things truck and likes to build with blocks
* Recognizes when something is a letter or a number
* Likes singing songs with Mommy and playing tackle with Daddy
* His language skills have increased exponentially in the last few weeks
* Continues to be VERY outgoing, saying hi and bye to everyone he sees
* Enjoys going to church and Bible study

(Note: Nicolaus has had a haircut since this picture was taken)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4 Fast Months!

Carleigh is 4 months old...and look who is ready for Fall!

* 13.9 lbs and 24.25 inches
* Naps really well but doesn't sleep so well at night
* Holds her head up on her own
* Starting to show interest in toys, really loves watching her brother
* Has had her first taste of cereal
* Smiles ALL the time
* Loves to laugh at everything her brother does

Saturday, September 11, 2010

22 Months

* 29 lbs
* 14 teeth
* Down to one nap a day
* Putting together phrases we can actually understand! Some of his favorites:
Trash truck comes today
A new diaper
Sissy sleeping, ssh
* Enjoys telling us who things belong to (Daddy's shoes, Kitty's food, etc.)
* Sometimes he will lay down to play with his toys
* Says "tickle, tickle" and will try to tickle you
* Goes "Mwah" before giving a big kiss
* Likes to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with mommy and can almost do the hand gestures
* Starting to learn the ABC song...well, he at least has the melody right

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Your Three Words

Bippity Boppity Boo

Yes, as in the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. This is the nickname my husband has given my best friend Rhian because she always has some goodies every time she comes...baked goodies, toys for the kids, cool stuff for us. We never ask and a lot of the time the little gifts are just what we need as if our Fairy Godmother came. Thus the name. I've known Rhian since the 5th grade and we are still as close as ever. She is one of the few people I would trust with anything and everything in my life, including my kids. And she came for a visit this week when all of us have been sick and I have been frustrated with numerous things around the house...and yes she brought goodies. This time Nicolaus was able to say her name too! It was super cute and he just kept saying it again and again. I know hers will be a name both our children will know and say their entire life. Thanks Fairy Godmother!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Your Three Words

I am taking a break from my Photo Friday posts to join a blog hop started by a fellow blogger. Every week she chooses three words to blog about--something that sums up her previous week or that will describe the weekend to come. My three words are

Two Under Two!

Lately I have been so stressed and overwhelmed with the daily life of having 2U2. I knew it would be difficult, but knowing it and living it are two vastly different things. I know "this too shall pass" but I also do not want to wish away any part of their childhood. Between the toddler tantrums and Carleigh's daily 4:30 pm fussy time when nothing from nursing, swinging, bouncing, singing etc. will calm her down, I really did not think this weekend would ever come. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with them, but boy am I sure looking forward to a couple days of help from John

Saturday, August 14, 2010

3 Months Already!

Our little girl is growing so fast! We cannot believe 3 months have already passed since we brought her home from the hospital. I imagine she is about 13 pounds, but our scale broke at home and we haven't bought a replacement.

* Still eating every 2 hours
* Waking once or twice a night to nurse
* "Talking" a lot, and usually has a "conversation" before falling alseep
* Takes a nap after being up for about an hour and a half
* Has a very sensitive tummy
* Starting to enjoy tummy time now that she is stronger
* Loves her bath...you can tell she finds it relaxing
* Enjoys sucking on her hands an fingers more than her pacifier
* Losing her brown hair and has blonde peach fuzz coming in
* Really loves watching her brother even though he can be rough with her

I had to post this picture of Carleigh and John. He was keeping her interested in the camera while I took the pictures. I think their interactions are so sweet!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Way Back Wednesday - August 11, 2010

My First Car
I wanted to drive ASAP when I was in high school. It meant freedom! And although most of the others my age thought of what car they drove as a status symbol, I really wasn't preoccupied with it. I drove the little silver nineteen eighty something Mazda 626 my mom bought way back.I loved it!
My older sister didn't get it because she wasn't as comfortable driving a manual. I mastered the manual since it meant having my own wheels. I drove at any chance offered me--to and from school, errands for mom, a friend who needed a ride. And at this time you could just about fill up your tank with a little over 5 bucks! When I went to college, Freshmen weren't allowed vehicles so I sold the car to my then boyfriend's sister. She ended up wrecking it and stashing it in their back yard. It probably is still there growing weeds out of the hood.

21 Months

* 28 lbs
* Calls Carleigh Sissy
* Visits time out on a daily basis (most often for taking his sister's pacifier)
* Loves to give hugs and kisses
* Touches hair and blankets and says "soft"
* Says "Hi!" and "Bye!" incessantly everywhere when we are out
* Amazes us every day with how smart he is
* Learning to count--can count to 9 with help
* Learning colors--though everything is yellow at this point
* Loves to play outside and go on walks
* Keeps Mommy VERY busy
* Still likes to have his sissa (pacifier)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Caught on Tape

There are so many moments I wish I had on video, but honestly, who has a camera around all the time? Or if I actually do run to go get the camera, the moment has passed or Nicolaus just isn't in the mood anymore. This is one of the reasons I love, love, love my iPhone. I actually have a chance to catch some of the sweet but fleeting moments in my life raising two under two. Ignore my silly voice, I think I was being way too conscious of the way I sounded...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Way Back Wednesday - August 4, 2010

This week's topic is all about first dates. Believe it or not, John's and my first date was McDonald's. We hit the drive-thru before going to a friend's party. I ordered nuggets. It just goes to show that first dates are no indication of where your relationship is headed. We have had many dates since then, all of them fabulous.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Awesome haircut by Tara, owner of Hairspray Salon in Woodstock, VA 540-459-7274

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Way Back Wednesday - July 28, 2010

It has been a couple of weeks since I have been able to participate...but, I'm back! I love the Way Back Wednesday Blog Hop.

This Week's Topic: First Job Memories
Aside from babysitting, my first real job at age 15 was a team member at Wendy's. I worked my way up the ranks and eventally was head of the drive through. I still remember, "white, red green, white, red green"--the order in which condiments are placed on the sandwhich. The worst aspects of the job were always feeling like you are covered in and smelling like grease and cleaning the bathrooms. Other than that, it was a pretty fun place to work. The crew (especially the late night group) was super diverse. I even worked with Toni Braxton's cousin. We all would make up new food creations and dare others to eat the not-so-appetizing ones. I LOVED the drive through. When I worked 'till close, my friends would pull up and I would toss what was available into their car before they sped off to avoid my manager. And just a little tip for everyone out there. You can hear EVERYTHING in a car that pulls up to order as soon as the weight of your vehicle trips the sensor. I've heard some pretty interesting things. The worst thing I did while a Wendy's employee? We had a ton of kids come through the drive through after some sort of sports event and they ALL ordered nuggets. In the rush to get them all ready, somebody knocked them in the trash. We fished them out and served them anyway.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

This weekend Nicolaus couldn't get enough of the pool his Grandma Harris gave him. I expect we will be "swimming" a lot the rest of the summer. "Thank you Grandma!"

Carleigh says, "Ahh this is the life! You go ahead and play, big brother, I'll just lay here and relax."
"Ok Mommy, I'll open my eyes long enough for you to get a picture of me in my pretty suit and sun hat."""I'll just take a nap right here beside Daddy."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2 Months Already!

* 11 lbs and 22.5 inches
* Eats every 2-3 hours
* Sleeping wonderfully
* Smiles a lot--mostly at Daddy and her Big Brother
* "Coo"ing and "Goo"ing
* Head and Neck getting pretty strong
* 3 Month clothes
* Zantac seems to be helping her reflux issues

Way Back Wednesday - July 14, 2010

This Week's Topic: Favorite Halloween Memories
How can I pick just one?! I absolutely love Halloween and always have a costume. Even on our Honeymoon cruise I had perfect pirate garb for the hubby and me--would have worn it too if we hadn't been seasick that night. However, if I have to pick one, it would be the Halloween after John and I started dating...1999. He still liked coming to visit me in Richmond at that point. We dressed as a vampire couple and attended a party that ended with two huge M&Ms fighting...boy do I wish I had a picture of that! I'm not sure what makes this Haloween stand out to me. Maybe John made it so special or maybe because I look really good in the dress.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

20 Months

* 27 lbs
* Insists on eating on his own
* Likes to pretend he is sneezing
* Loves to love on his sister...then hit her
* Beginning to have an interest in TV--Wiggles, Zaboomafoo, Sesame Street, Baby Einstein, Sid the Science Kid
* Starting to wear size 2T...we do have a toddler!
* Likes to mow the grass with his bubble mower
* Some new words: Bee, movie, rain, rock, book, hello, beep beep
* Sometimes calls me Mommy instead of Momma

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Christmas in July

No, Santa hasn't decided to make a stop at our house this Summer, though we have been extra good this year. With two kids and my goal of making all Christmas gifts for family and friends, I actually have started knitting now instead of waiting till November. I'm not going to share the pattern since some who follow my blog will be the lucky recipients (assuming you too have been good), but I can offer a sneak peak picture. The cotton yarn makes knitting in the Summer bearable. If I finish in good time, I hope to start on coordinating outfits for Nicolaus and Carleigh...we'll see how that goes.