Friday, August 20, 2010

Your Three Words

I am taking a break from my Photo Friday posts to join a blog hop started by a fellow blogger. Every week she chooses three words to blog about--something that sums up her previous week or that will describe the weekend to come. My three words are

Two Under Two!

Lately I have been so stressed and overwhelmed with the daily life of having 2U2. I knew it would be difficult, but knowing it and living it are two vastly different things. I know "this too shall pass" but I also do not want to wish away any part of their childhood. Between the toddler tantrums and Carleigh's daily 4:30 pm fussy time when nothing from nursing, swinging, bouncing, singing etc. will calm her down, I really did not think this weekend would ever come. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with them, but boy am I sure looking forward to a couple days of help from John


jenni said...

Aww, I know some days are more difficult then others and I also try not too wish away the days now for easier days to come... but sometimes it's hard, lol.

Congrats on your 2 adorable babies and thanks for playing Y3W!!

Jess said...

Hi, I found your blog at Jenni's Y3W.
Now, since I'm still expecting, I don't have even ONE under two, let alone two. But I'm sure some days are better than others and things will continue to get better as they get older. I'm sure you're a great mom!

Mrs Gloves said...

There is a special place in heaven for moms with 2 under 2!

Thanks for linking up!

Becki said...

Popping over from Jenni's blog with Y3W. Just wanted to say hi.

Amy said...

Hope it was a bit therapeutic to write about your stressful days. I've been thinking of you and hoping this afternoon brought a little peace your way. =)