Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Way Back Wednesday - July 28, 2010

It has been a couple of weeks since I have been able to participate...but, I'm back! I love the Way Back Wednesday Blog Hop.

This Week's Topic: First Job Memories
Aside from babysitting, my first real job at age 15 was a team member at Wendy's. I worked my way up the ranks and eventally was head of the drive through. I still remember, "white, red green, white, red green"--the order in which condiments are placed on the sandwhich. The worst aspects of the job were always feeling like you are covered in and smelling like grease and cleaning the bathrooms. Other than that, it was a pretty fun place to work. The crew (especially the late night group) was super diverse. I even worked with Toni Braxton's cousin. We all would make up new food creations and dare others to eat the not-so-appetizing ones. I LOVED the drive through. When I worked 'till close, my friends would pull up and I would toss what was available into their car before they sped off to avoid my manager. And just a little tip for everyone out there. You can hear EVERYTHING in a car that pulls up to order as soon as the weight of your vehicle trips the sensor. I've heard some pretty interesting things. The worst thing I did while a Wendy's employee? We had a ton of kids come through the drive through after some sort of sports event and they ALL ordered nuggets. In the rush to get them all ready, somebody knocked them in the trash. We fished them out and served them anyway.


Sippy Cup Mom said...

OMG! I'm so afraid things like that happen!! Sounds like a fun job though!

The Nerdy Katie said...

I would take extra long to just hear what people are saying. I am nosy like that :)

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