Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10 Things...

Lately the smallest things make this pregnant lady happy. Very deserving of a blog post, don't you think?

Here are 10 in no particular order:

1. Adult swim at the pool
2. A dinner buffet with really good macaroni and cheese
3. My body pillow
4. Fresh Peaches
5. Postcards in the mail from my Dad
6. A husband who willingly watches movies with me that make me sob uncontrollably
7. Tomatoes from John's garden
8. 50 degree evenings...the first hint of Fall
9. Finishing the first of many planned hand-knit Christmas gifts
10. Feeling Baby Pedersen move on the inside and seeing it on the outside

1 comment:

Elle's Niche said...

Being that I am not preggers (YAY!!) I like #6 and #8, but I must say #10 sure makes everything worth it!

What knitting are you working on?

I am starting Christmas as soon as we get back from MA!