Sunday, December 27, 2009

Halfway Mark

I had to post a picture just to prove I don't look as awful as in the video below. Boy do I wish I had worn something a bit better for the camera, but at least I wore a bra! Today I am 20 weeks pregnant which means I am at the halfway mark...actually, probably a little further than that if this one goes anything at all like with Nicolaus.

How far along: 20 weeks

Total weight gain: 8 lbs

Maternity clothes: Yes and love them...I have found some great deals at Ross and Gabes.

Stretch marks: None thank God

Sleep: OK--getting up to pee about twice a night and reflux is rearing its nasty head

Movement: Some...much less movement than I had with Nicolaus at this same point

Food cravings/aversions: Sweet pickles instead of dill and lost of fruit. No aversions really

Gender: Girl! My guess was right!

Belly Button in or out: Still in

What I miss: Spicy tuna sushi

What I am looking forward to: Buying girlie things

Milestones: The Big Ultrasound was excellent. All the right organs and everything is right on track growth wise. Finding out she's a girl!

Nicolaus' reaction: He keeps lifting my shirt up to look at my belly. I think it is because he is fascinated with my moles.

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