Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Operation Pink Complete!

The nursery has been re-vamped and is ready for our little girl. I am so happy with how it turned out. Just enough pink and frills without being over the top.

The crib and glider. On the glider is a Holly Hobby quilt my Nanny (Great Grandmother) made for my mom. Between the windows are two of the Fairy Tale plates my mom collected for my sister and me when we were little. So fun to be able to display them in a girl's room.

Above the dresser hangs two outfits my mom wore as a baby. I cannot wait to take pictures of Carleigh in these. Thanks Mom!

Closet with the rest of the fairy tale plates hanging above the door.
Her dresser and bedside table. These were mine when I was a little girl. The organizer on the dresser is full of hats and the one on the bedside table contains the more "girly" blankets, including the Piggy in The Blanket from Tara that is just too cute not to display.

A close up of all the pretty girl clothes in her closet. It seems Carleigh already has a dress for every occasion!


erika said...

oh, how organized things are pre-baby!!

it looks fantastic! what a lucky little girl to have such a great mommy :)

Anonymous said...


It's been so long since I last stalked you, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Your family is growing by leaps and bounds. It's wonderful!

As for what made me think of you, a friend's mom was talking about guerilla knitting. I thought that you'd think it was cool:


So, aside from the big news, how's stuff with you?

I just recently moved to Cambodia from Thailand and am working for a really really really neat nonprofit. The work itself isn't that glamourous (yet) and my boss is more like Mike than anyone else...eeks! But, all in all, I am really enjoying it. The work that they do is AMAZING, and I try to make it out to our orphanages a few times a month to remind me what's important.

Anyways...I'm so happy for you and Nicolaus and (of course!) John.