Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday Supper

John and I have decided to try out a new dinner recipe every Sunday. We seem to fall in a rut of always eating the same things, especially with two toddlers who are often very particular about what they will and won't eat. And, with the weather being so wonderful at the start of this summer, we are working our way through the cookbook Dad and Janice gave John a few Christmases ago, "Grilling: Where There's Smoke, There's Flavor." This Sunday we made Honey Harissa Kofte with Radish Tzatziki(recipe pg. 60)--a fancy schmancy lamb kabob. It was wonderful! The prep needed was a little more than we are used to for kabobs, but so worth it. The kids even liked it...at first. Next time we will omit the red pepper flakes wich made them more spicy than their young tastebuds could handle and they ended up feasting on cereal bars while John and I gorged ourselves on enough food to feed an entire Big Fat Greek Wedding. John maintains that photos of food never look as good as they really taste, but you can be the judge. We paired the lamb with hummous, pita, and a cucumber, tomato, feta salad.

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