Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Mac-N-Cheese

It has long been said that humans are creatures of habit. I definitely fall into this stereotype. I like routines, I like lists, I like to know what to expect. My kids are the same way. I swear their nightime routine is the reason they both sleep so well. Every evening we do the same thing--dinner, bath, pjs, story and bed. Every. Single. Night. When we slip up just a little, even if it is to have dinner over at a friend's house and we stay up just a little past the kiddos' bedtime, we pay for it for two to three days.

Part of my routine includes a weekly meal plan and every Monday we have macaroni and cheese for lunch. This weekend, I read a letter sent in by a subscriber of Parenting magazine about how she modifies her instant mac to make it a little bit healthier for her kids. I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. Besides, I still have a hefty supply of organic sweet potato baby food I need to use. The outcome was a really creamy, pretty tastey alternative to regular mac. And, it doesn't make me feel so guilty for feeding the kids something so processed. But hey, we can't all be diva's in the kitchen for every meal...there are other blogs for that.

All you need is:
one box of mac-n-cheese. I used Kraft whole grain.
1 jar organic sweet potato puree/baby food
4 TBS plain greek yogurt

Cook the noodles per the box instructions.
Once you have strained the noodles, stir in the puree, yogurt and cheese powder.


Note: After this meal, 14 month old Carleigh reached her bowl out and asked for more (the first time she has ever said "more")

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Amy said...

I'll have to try this Tam! (well written post, by the way!)