Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I'd Love to Blog About

...if I could only find the time!

1.  Grace Based Parenting. A book by Dr. Tim Kimmel and a class I am taking at WCOG. The class leader Jennifer Miller has a great Blog. Check it out!

2.  My tug-of-war with a certain 15 lbs

3.  All the knit and crochet projects I have planned

4.  Our visit to the pumpkin patch

5.  My Tuesday morning Bible Study. Oh what would I do without Women in the Word and their Little Hearts program which watches the kids during those three awesome hours?

6.  Toddler tantrums

7.  Making applesauce

8.  How I feel about the passing of my latest birthday

9.  My personal style...or lack thereof

10.  All the amazing things my kids are learning (and teaching me)

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