Monday, July 29, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

Our family has a community garden plot at Blandy. Once the harvest starts coming in we will all enjoy the time we spend there a little more. Yet, right now the kids get pretty bored and frustrated when we have to weed and water, weed and water. So today I promised we would do a scavenger hunt (thank you Pinterest) if they played patiently while I gardened. Nicolaus was skeptical, but once I explained a scavenger hunt was basically a treasure hunt, he was all in!

1. Something Fuzzy

2. Two Kinds of Seeds

3. Two Pieces of Litter

4. Something Straight

5. Something Round
6. Something Smooth

7. Something Rough
8. Two Different Types of Leaves

9. Something that Makes Noise
10. A Chewed Leaf

11. A Beautiful Rock
12. Something You Think is Beautiful
13. A Pinecone
14. Something Green

15. A Stick

16. Something You Think is a Treasure!

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