Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2 Months

I told myself I wouldn't do this...the "I can't believe it has been ____ number of months since..." But I really can't believe it. My Dad left this life two months ago and it still just doesn't seem real. In those two short months so many things have happened in my family's life I want to call and talk to him about, send him a text or a quick picture of the kids. The grief is so real that I can't help but count the days, the months. And the holidays too I expect. This month I will celebrate my birthday and for the first time not receive a card filled with sentiments of pride signed "love Dad." In a few months we will celebrate the Holidays and not hear Dad read a Christmas story to the Grandkids or receive a "Happy New Year!" phone call. Just how can that be? I am sure with the passage of time I will stop counting and just be able to remember with love all the memories. Eventually I will be able to look at photos without remembering his suffering and our family's loss. But for now, it hurts and I miss him so much.

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