Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blankie Finished!

I finally finished the blanket for Baby Pedersen to go with the pumpkin hat. I wanted something special made by his/her mommy to wear home from the hospital. Both the blanket and the hat are organic cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas. I am so happy with how they turned out. If interested, the blanket is my own modification of the Tiramisu Blanket pattern by Alicia Paulson. The Pumkin Hat is is a pattern from Lettuce Knit that was in my Stitch-N-Bitch knitting calendar.


Elle's Niche said...

The set really turned out nice! I like the I-cord around the perimeter of the blanket! So cute and I love love love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a lucky baby- they look so cuddley and soft.

Joy said...

Congratulations with your baby.
I am impressed with your craft and also your www site.
regards from Joy Skareloekke, the niece of Hans and Jeanette Pedersen, born in New Zealand living for the past 20 years in Denmark.