Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We've Been Boo'ed

For Halloween, the members of the Mom's Club I recently joined are "BOO-ing" eachother. Basically you secretly leave some sort of Halloween themed goodies at another members' house without them knowing. Look what was waiting for me when I got home yesterday... Thank you to my secret pal!

Also, the nursery is 99% complete! I say 99% because we are waiting till after s/he is born to put up window coverings and artwork as these will be different depending on whether we have a boy or girl. I am in love with the nursery. I have already spent several hours knitting in the glider.

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Anonymous said...


I am getting so excited for you. I still need to send your package. It is lurking in my dining room, and I'm sure my roommate would be happy to be rid of it (and hopefully you happy to receive it!). Anyways...just letting you know that I'm thinking of you!

Lots o' love,