Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nicolaus' New Room

With his little sister on the way, John and I started planning Nicolaus' "Big Boy Room" several months ago. With his love of all things truck, we knew we had to incorporate them into the room somehow. We settled on a transportation theme. The room really started to come together when Grandma and Grandpa Harris gave Nicolaus new covers for his big boy bed for Christmas. They have cars and trucks all over them. Perfect! Nicolaus' Great Grandaddy Lam handmade a bunch of cars and trucks modeled right from the sheets of the bedset. They are so detailed and amazing--something Nicolaus (and I) will cherish forever. He had such a great time opening the box of wood carvings and wanted to play with every one of them. Of course he didn't understand they were for his bedroom wall.

I made a truck for Nicolaus' door by attaching a ribbon to the back of one of the pieces John's Grandad made. It really sets the stage for the room.
Check out all the cars and trucks on the wall! Nicolaus loves them and points to them everyday and shouts "Trucks!"

Curtains and activity table. The table was a gift when Nicolaus was born and has a plane, train, boat, and car painted in primary colors. Toy cubby with more cars and trucks on the wall above
The picture line I made with the airplane and train Grandaddy Lam made.
Nicolaus enjoys reading in his new room. Here he is with one of his faves, Good Night Gorilla.


Amanda T said...

Very cute! When do you think he'll make it to his big boy bed?

Tammy said...

Not really sure...we definitely won't push it. But at least it is there when he is ready. The crib also converts to a toddler bed as an in-between stage if needed.

Kel said...

Cute room. So organized! I wish I could say that about my girls' rooms,