Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Post Just For Nicolaus

As parents of two, John and I are begining to understand how everything has to be equal between siblings, at least according to one little man. Snacks should be the same, they should play with equivalent if not the same toy, and they both should be held by their mommy at the same time. (Good thing I have been working out). So its only fair that I should have a blog entry just for Nicolaus since so much seems to be about his sister's achievements and milestones.

Nicolaus is very sensitive, and does not like to see his sissy cry. He will give her kisses, pat her on the back and say "It's OK sissy." He loves to sing his ABC's and can recognize when something is a letter or a number, but won't sit still long enough to learn which one is which. We are practicing colors, currently everything is green. His favorite book is Curious George and loves Toy Story (which he calls Play Toys). One of his favorite sayings is "No way mama!" He is developing quite an imagination and already enjoys pretend play. He loves to tickle and be tickled, dance and just be silly.

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