Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome Naomi!

On April 17th we welcomed Naomi Grace into the world and into our family. Forgive me for taking so long to post, but between the newest addition, her big brother and sister and all the happenings on the farm, life has been crazy busy.

Naomi's Birth Story

Both Nicolaus and Carleigh were born via C-section.With this pregnancy I really wanted a non-medicated Vaginal Birth (or VBAC).  I found an awesome OB who supported me in my goal as well as a Doula (Megan Diveley) who experienced a successful VBA2C herself. We agreed that if I did not deliver on my own by 41 weeks I would have another c-section because I tend to have large babies and risk to the baby and mother starts to increase at that point. Three days before the scheduled C-section I was dilated 3cm and about 80% effaced. My doctor told me that when I arrived at the hospital for my surgery, he would check me again and, if I had made more progress, we could try breaking my water to see if I could deliver vaginally. At about 4:30 am on the 17th I woke up to very strong contractions about 5 minutes apart. John and I headed to the hospital since we had to be there at 5 am to prep for what could possibly be another C-section. Since I was having consistent and strong contractions, I was pretty hopeful Naomi had decided to come without surgery. At 7:20 am my doctor checked me and I was 6cm and 90% effaced! So he went ahead and broke my water to give me a chance to deliver on my own. I couldn't believe it! No turning back now!

My contractions were consistent and strong. I really had hoped to be able to walk around as well as use the birthing tub to help ease some of the pain I was experiencing. However, since I had the two previous C-sections, my doctor really wanted a monitor on the baby at all times. That was very frustrating to say the least, but I was able to use the birthing ball close to the bed. John and Megan were so helpful with coping techniques. I seriously couldn't get enough counter pressure on my lower back so they took turns. Even though I REALLY wanted to have a med-free delivery, the pain from the contractions was incredibly intense. When I was checked at noon I was about 8cm dilated and I decided to get an epidural. The anesthesiologist gave me what he called a soft-block which started relieving the pain after about ten minutes. About this time John decided to get something to eat since he hadn't had anything yet that morning. I was so happy to have Megan there, not only to help me but also to enable John to have a break. Thank goodness he didn't take too long to eat because around 1pm my doctor came to check me and I was 10cm and 100% effaced. He told me I could start pushing and I just couldn't believe it. I was actually going to have my baby without surgery! With the soft block I could still feel pressure with each contraction and also move my legs a bit, so I was not as "paralyzed" as I thought I would be. I could actually feel the contractions before the monitor picked them up on the screen. I had my nurse, a nursing student, Megan and John all there to support me with each push. I couldn't have asked for a better team. After about 45 minutes my amazing nurse suggested I lower the top part of the bed just a touch and this slight change in position made the whole process take off. I literally felt Naomi make a huge shift forward and she was born about 15 minutes later. I even had to stop pushing to wait for the doctor to get there!

Heading to the hospital

Thinking of my "happy Place"

After epidural took effect

Naomi makes her debut (see her waving hand)

John cutting the cord

The most amazing moment/feeling ever

I am so thankful to have had this birth experience. As much as I wanted the med-free birth, I am happy I opted to get the epidural. I also strongly recommend having a doula whether its your first or, as in my case, third child. The care and attention she provided leading up to the birth, during and now after is amazing and so much appreciated. Andplusalso she took these wonderful pictures.

Hospital: Augusta Health
OBGYN: Dr. Thompson with Augusta Healthcare for Women
Doula: Megan Diveley 

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