Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Introducing Carleigh May

Carleigh May
8 lbs 14 oz
20.75 inches

We left for the hospital around 5:15 am on May 14. Once at the hospital, the admission process was fairly smooth and soon vitals were taken, blood drawn and the anesthesiologist was prepping for the C-Section. Before we knew it, Dr. Leonard came back to talk to us to make sure there were no questions before surgery and the nurses had John change into his scrubs. By 7:30 am we were headed back for surgery. John had to wait while the spinal was administered. I said a prayer the entire time and I never felt a single needle. They kept telling me it would sting and burn, and at first I was worried it wasn't taking, but then my legs started to get warm and numb and the nurses were laying me back. Immediately I became sick from the medication and they had to give me something for the nausea. About that time John came back to sit beside me and hold my hand. After a few minutes I asked when they would start and the anesthesiologist said they had been cutting and going at it for a while! John saw them pull out Carleigh's butt and they discovered she was breech, so it was a good thing we didn't try for VBAC. Next he saw her legs and then her head come out and as soon as I heard a little cry I was overjoyed and they quickly brought Carleigh over for us to see. John was able to cut the umblical cord and as soon as we posed for our first family portrait, he went with Carleigh to the nursery. The surgical team finished up with me and when I was wheeled back to recovery, John was there waiting for me. Carleigh scored 9 on her APGAR twice and immediately went to sleep under the warmer

I spent about two hours in recovery waiting to be able to feel and move my legs enough to be sent to the Mother/Baby unit. Labor and Delivery was so busy that morning that it was five hours from the time Carleigh was born till I could hold her in my arms. Unfortunately, I was sick the entire day from the anesthesia (they said it was probably the morphine). Later that afternoon Nanny Judy and Auntie Steph brought Nicolaus to the hospital. The entire family was finally able to be together. Nicolaus seemed very eager to meet his new little sister and was very happy to see his Mommy and Daddy again.

Both mommy and baby were doing well after two days in the hospital, so their doctors cleared everyone for discharge on Sunday rather than Monday. It was so nice to pack up and go home to begin our life as a family of four. Carleigh wore the strawberry hat and was wrapped in the matching blanket mommy made. The nurses all thought she was as cute as could be and her parents had to agree.

Nicolaus loves his baby sister. He doesn't understand why Mommy cannot pick him up and hold him, but he is very curious about Carleigh and constantly wants to give her hugs and kisses.


Shirley said...

Tammy and John, 'Carleigh May' is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen amd her 'going home' outfit is so exquisite! Big brother is a doll too and so cute with the kisses! CONGRATULATIONS to all of you - I love your little family.
Love, Shirley

Jeanette said...

What a beautiful addition to the Pedersen Family. Thank you so much, Tammy, for keeping this type of "Diary" for all the Pedersens to see now, and in the future. The story and the pictures are God's gift to us the great-grandparents. We love each of you very much. Grandma and Grandpa Pedersen

Hypnotransformations said...

She is so beautiful! Congrats to you both =)

Kel said...

I love that last picture! They're already great friends!