Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sleep Training: Day 2

Morning Nap

After much internal debate, I decided I needed to be consistent with our sleep routine at naptime. So when Nicolaus started looking sleepy, we went into his nursery, I read him a story and put him in his crib and sat in my rocker. He threw out his blanket and Buddy three times, but then snuggled up with his Buddy and fell asleep. From the time we strated his story to when I was walking out of his nursery, 30 minutes passed. Much better than the hour and 15 minutes it took last night!

Afternoon Nap

There were several more antics this afternoon when I put Nicolaus in his crib, and boy was it hard to keep a straight face when he was standing on his head or trying to put his Buddy around himself like a cape. But finally, he decided it was time to lay down and he very swiftly closed his eyes and drifted off. Total time was about 35 minutes.


When it was all said and done, he emptied his crib three times, but when Nicolaus finally fell asleep 45 minutes had elapsed since we started his stories. Thats progress for bedtime!

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