Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Take it off Monday | Week 6

OK, so I know it is Tuesday, but bare with me. I wasn't even going to post this week because I am so frustrated. I saw no improvement this week even after exercising four days. I'm not sure if it its from Valentine's Day pasta, cake and candy. Perhaps the Martini's I enjoyed with John, but good grief I didn't think I could sabotage my whole week in one day! Really trying to think positive and push forward, but a measly 2.5 lbs in six weeks does not get me excited.

Weight loss this week: 0 lbs
Weight loss to date: 2.5 lbs
Weight left to lose: 17.5 lbs
First Goal: 10 pounds 
  • Reward: Mani/Pedicure
Second Goal: 15 pounds
  • Reward: Massage
Final Goal: 20 pounds
  • Reward: New Bag
Success: Continuing to exercise
Set-Backs: Valentine's Day goodies, my period (maybe TMI but its the truth)
Exercise: Cardio on the treadmill and more Blogilates!

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