Monday, March 18, 2013

Take It off Monday | Week 10

I lost three pounds! Whoohoo! This brings my total weight loss back to 6 pounds. I had lost quite a bit while sick then gained most of it back on my recent road trip, so I am really happy. Additionally, I am wearing some clothes I haven't fit into in a while, so I think it is about time to take all my measurements and see how many inches I may have lost. Perhaps I'll give that another month.

This week was my first week using Slenderiix. And I totally noticed a difference in my appetite. I was not starving when I woke up, nor was I "snacky" during the day. I am continuing with Blogilates (Love!) as well as eating a low carb, low processed foods diet and drinking a ton of water. I'd love to hear how you are doing on your fitness goals and any tips and tricks keeping you motivated!

Weight loss this week: 3 lbs
Weight loss to date: 6 lbs
Weight left to lose: 14 lbs
First Goal: 10 pounds 
  • Reward: Mani/Pedicure
Second Goal: 15 pounds
  • Reward: Massage
Final Goal: 20 pounds
  • Reward: New Bag
Success:  Exercise, healthy eating
Exercise: Running on the treadmill and more Blogilates!

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