Monday, March 11, 2013

Take it off Monday | Week 9

This was a tough week for me! Not much weight loss going on, but I did manage to eat fairly well and get in almost all my workouts. I'm back at it today and am excited to start something brand new to go along with my overall fitness program. In college I became hooked on a fat loss supplement that was basically speed and swore I'd never use one again. Fast forward twelve years, two kids, and several extra inches around my middle. I was approached to try out a relatively new weight loss aide and have decided to give it a go. Slenderiix is 100% homeopathic and has none of the speedy chemicals in many other supplements. The company promotes healthy eating including organic fruits and veggies as well as hormone and antibiotic-free pasture raised meats which my family is already into. I'll be sure to include my thoughts and feedback specific to this aspect of my health and fitness goals. If you want to know more about Slenderiix, comment below or send me a personal message.

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