Friday, March 1, 2013

All Purpose Cleaner

An "All Purpose Cleaner." That's me! For the last four years anyway. I clean anything and everything and sometimes multiple times a day. (Why does my house always seem messy? Tackle that in another post on another day.) Having kids means having messes--messes I truly never thought I would ever clean up such ass projectile poop exploding from one baby's rear on the changing table into a closet full of clothes! All these messes have caused me to try out all sorts of cleaners, especially those labeled "All Purpose." But all those brand-name cleaners really add up, not to mention the fact that who knows what the chemicals in them are let alone how to pronounce them.

Then came Pinterest.

As soon as I logged onto Pinterest I was amazed at all the home remedies and "recipes" if you will for home cleaners. Everything from glass cleaner to DIY laundry detergent. I have tried several of these concoctions and finally came up with my own that really does a great job on a lot of surfaces. At first I was very precise with the amounts I mixed, but then I just started eyeing it and that works just fine for me. I haven't figured out the true cost of my cleaner, but I can tell you it is a fraction of the cost of other expensive brands and made with ingredients most people already have at home. So, here is my own "All Purpose Cleaner" recipe.

1 spray bottle from the Dollar Store
Splash of Rubbing Alcohol
About a half cup of White Vinegar
About a half cup of Water
A few squirts of dish soap

Heat up Vinegar and Water and pour into spray bottle. Add the alcohol and dish soap. Agitate or shake to combine.

And there you have it! This cleaner works wonders in the kitchen and in the bathroom and is safe on most surfaces (Believe me I have tried). You can even add a few squirts of lemon juice to freshen it up if you dislike the vinegar, but the vinegar smell does dissipate after a few minutes. For really hard to clean areas on my stove top, counters or bath/shower, I sprinkle some baking soda on the surface before I spray the cleaner. The vinegar interacts with the soda to help break up any crud. One Pinner soaked her vinegar with orange peels for a week or so before mixing her cleaner. I tried this method, and while it did smell great, it was actually hard to get the orange oil/color off whatever I was cleaning so I don't recommend the orange peel method.

Are there any DIY cleaners you have tried and fell in love with? Or hated? I'd love to hear about them.

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